Prayer Requests

As a small business owner, I'm always asking myself, "how can i make a difference for Christ through my small business?" AND as a small business owner, I get the sweet opportunity of getting involved in your lives! You come in when life is hard (for a lil' retail therapy), you come in for outfits to celebrate big occasions, you come in for outfits for not so fun occasions, all the while, you let me in on these pieces of your life...AND a lot of times it leaves me thinking about you long after you leave. Thinking about the devastation in your life and then other times about the fun in your life.  SO, I thought why not set up a space that you can come to me and my team for prayer requests &/OR the good news so that we can intentionally set aside a time each week to pray for you & in the good times, celebrate with you! 

Together let's soar, Maggie

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Please note, prayer requests need to be approved before they are published. If you would like your request to be kept private, please let us know!